iRisk   TPSA: The industry's first

third-party security assurance platform with a Cloud/SaaS focus  


If your organization needs:

  • Strong security assurance of third parties' operational cyber risk with in-depth security assessment and monitoring beyond questionnaires;

  • Coverage of emerging Cloud/SaaS cyber risk scenarios of your third parties;

  • Customized security assurance of each third party as the relationship and interaction with each one may vary;

  • Extensive risk analysis of fourth parties;

You may find iRisk TPSA (Third-party Security Assurance platform) helpful. With iRisk TPSA, your key benefits are:

In-Depth Assurance

An in-depth holistic analysis of each third party's infrastructure, application, OSINT and privacy with actionable findings

Customized Workflow

A multi-layered interactive workflow that allows customization of the scope, index and analysis that suit your organization’s third-party risk scenario

Continuous Management

An executive dashboard with real time alerts, security findings, risk index, benchmarks and trend analysis of large number of third parties



A fast iterated platform that meets customer requirements and keeps up with constantly changing cybersecurity threats