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White Paper Center

Introducing our comprehensive XSPM white paper center: a deep-dive into today's most pressing cybersecurity challenges and how our groundbreaking solution can address them. These white papers deliver detailed analysis, expert perspectives, and actionable strategies, providing the knowledge and tools you need to enhance your organization's security posture. Step into the future of cybersecurity with us, and equip your team with the insights to stay ahead of the threat landscape.


First Party and Third Party Security Risk

In the multi-cloud and SaaS world, the line between first party security and third party security is getting increasingly blurry. A single unified SaaS platform is needed to manage both the first party risk and the third party risk in an integrated view.


Customize Third Party Security Assurance

Each third party business relationship is unique. Even if two companies work with a common third party, they may need customization to define different scopes and objectives to manage the security of the third party.


A Holistic Approach to M&A Cybersecurity

We examine the critical role of cybersecurity in mergers and acquisitions, featuring a detailed case study of a Fortune 500 company and highlighting effective security practices spanning the entire M&A lifecycle, from initial due diligence to final integration.


Optimizing Cloud Costs and Security

Explore how C2SEC's innovative platform delivers impactful cost reductions and bolsters cybersecurity across diverse industries through real-world success stories.

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