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Tailored to Fit: A Plan for Every Organization's Needs

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes with robust cybersecurity solutions. We offer comprehensive, scalable license plans tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, from nimble start-ups and medium-sized enterprises, right through to multinational Fortune 500 conglomerates. Our flexible, straightforward licensing options ensure you have the right tools to defend against cyber threats, irrespective of your company size or budget.


Basic plan includes:

✓  EASM Global Asset Discovery

✓  EASM Asset Management

✓  EASM Non-intrusive Assessment

✓  OSINT Basic

✓  Continuous Monitoring

✓  Cyber Risk Index

✓  Report

✓  Peer Benchmarking


All from Basic plan, plus:

✓  Automated Penetration Analysis

✓  Cloud Security Posture Management

✓  SaaS Security Posture Management

✓  OSINT Advanced

✓  Cost Optimization

✓  Privacy

✓  API

✓  Alert and Notification

✓  Compliance Support


All from Enterprise plan, plus:

✓  Supply Chain: Dependency Discovery

✓  Supply Chain: Third Party Assessment

✓  Supply Chain: Fourth Party Discovery

✓  Supply Chain: Portfolio Management

✓  Supply Chain: Aggregation Risk

✓  Supply Chain: Workflow

✓  Portfolio API 

✓  Portfolio Report 

C2SEC XSPM Platform 

Product Sheet

Dive in to explore more about how XSPM can transform your security posture management!

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