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A Plan for Every Organization

We want to help as many organizations as we can. We provide simple, flexible plans for every organization, whether it is a small business, a midsize enterprise, or a multinational Fortune 500 company.


Basic plan includes:

✓  Global Asset Discovery

✓  Asset Explorer

✓  Non-intrusive Assessment

✓  OSINT Basic

✓  Continuous Monitoring

✓  Timeline Trend


All from Basic plan, plus:

✓  Asset Classification

✓  Intrusive Penetration Analysis

✓  Cloud/SaaS Risk Analysis

✓  OSINT Advanced

✓  Peer Benchmarking

✓  Privacy

✓  API 


All from Enterprise plan, plus:

✓  Third Party Discovery

✓  Third Party Assessment

✓  Fourth Party Discovery

✓  Portfolio Management

✓  Cyber Risk Index

✓  Aggregation Risk

✓  Portfolio API 


C2SEC Platform Product Sheet

Learn about how C2SEC platform enables organizations to achieve a strong operation security assurance of themselves as well as their third parties, with in-depth focus on emerging Cloud/SaaS risk scenarios.

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