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The Back to Basics Approach: Security

"Unbreakable". "100% detection with zero false positive". "Full unsupervised machine learning". In the cybersecurity industry, the last thing we lack is buzzwords. They pop up everywhere, promising to build fortified walls and impenetrable forcefields for your company's security. With such a plethora of great solutions, it can be quite a head-scratcher as to why as of recent, there've been so many successful cyberattacks on organizations with exceptional security teams, such as Exchange 0day and SolarWinds.

Security is never easy.

Recently, we've lost sight of certain security fundamentals that hold the key to truly effective attack surface management. Throwing around buzzwords amounts to absolutely nothing when our industry software fails to incorporate these security fundamentals. We've condensed the security fundamentals into two key points: visibility, and analysis.

Visibility. If you don't know an asset exists, you cannot protect that asset.

Analysis. If you don't know what attack patterns are, you cannot detect and protect against attacks.

Knowing firstly, what you protect, and secondly, what you protect against, sounds like a simple task… right? Wrong. Each piece of new technology, such as the internet, mobile computing, IoT, and cloud computing, brings in new puzzle pieces that constantly expand organizations' security boundaries. Further complicating the matter, supply chain dependencies now make up part of the attack surface, as the recent SolarWinds attack has taught us, blurring the line between first party and third party security.

At C2SEC, we've chosen to turn to these two security fundamentals, visibility and analysis, as the building blocks of the starting point of our journey. Here's how they're applied to our approach.

Visibility. With solid asset and attack surface management, we hope to aid security teams achieve better visibility with asset, technology stack, and supply chain dependency discovery and classification.

Analysis. We aim to help security teams generate insightful analysis of their organization's attack surface, with in-depth analytics targeting emerging cloud/SaaS risks, real-time turnaround, and assessments supported by scalable infrastructure.

Our back to basics approach has been recognized as effective by both our customers and cybersecurity industry analysts. A validation of our commitment to security fundamentals, we are proud to announce that C2SEC has been recognized in Gartner's 2021 Emerging Technology Report for External Attack Surface Management.

Security fundamentals have only molded the first brick of our back to basics approach. It is still day one of our journey.

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