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360° Asset and Attack Surface Management

Secure your organization and your digital supply chain with Cloud/SaaS focus

Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies and Leading Financial Organizations globally

360° Posture Management

Visibility of on-premise, cloud and SaaS assets across subsidiaries and regions. Analyze infrastructure, application, OSINT and privacy via non-intrusive, intrusive and internal scans with Cloud and SaaS risks focus.

Real-time Operation Insights

Correlate internal, external, and users' proprietary data to build insights to prioritize risks and guide remediation for both first and third party. Provide peer, trend, and supply chain aggregation risk analysis.

90% Time and Cost Reduction

Real time, continuous operational assessment by a scalable, fully automated global cloud platform. Eliminate manual tasks to setup and integrate ad hoc security tools.

Easy Cloud Native Deployment

A cloud native digital asset and attack surface management SaaS platform with a multi-cloud focus that can be deployed within minutes. No software agent is required.

Key Benefits

C2SEC enables our team to achieve a broader and deeper security assurance of our critical third parties. Compared to other solutions available in the market, C2SEC provides much more actionable and in-depth security findings, especially in the emerging cloud and SaaS risk managements.

Security Director of

a Publicly Traded Company

We have lots of assets to secure across multiple business units in various global regions. C2SEC discovers assets we are not aware, classifies the asset, centralizes the management, and monitors changes continuously. It provides much needed visibility and insights to the team.

Senior Security Manager of 

Publicly Traded Company

Thanks to C2SEC we know our holistic digital footprint in both the external internet view and the internal cloud view. Working with C2SEC is straightforward and goal oriented. The platform iterates fast to accommodate our needs, and improve the efficiency of our security operations with its full automation and workflow support.

Chief Security Officer of

a Leading Financial Institute

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