C2SEC iRisk for

Vendor Cyber Risk Management

C2SEC iRisk platform enables enterprise customers to continuously assess and monitor its third parties and fourth parties cyber risks. The platform provides a build-in workflow to allow enterprises and its vendors to work together to manage cyber risks. For vendors or suppliers, it also enables them to easily share their cyber risk assessment to their upstream partners. 

Customer Pain Points

Vendor cyber risk management has become a challenging task for both upstream and downstream players in the supply chain.


For upstream enterprises, vendor cyber risk management is not a one-time snapshot assessment of a one particular third party vendor. It requires continuously evaluate, monitor and mitigate cyber risks of hundreds, or even thousands of third party vendors. 

For downstream vendors or supplier, meeting different upstream partners' vendor risk management requirement is a time consuming, manual and ad-hoc work. 

Our Solution

iRisk provides continuous cyber risk monitoring and assessment of vendor companies' digital assets and employee's behavior via an automated non-intrusive assessment. No software is required to be installed. Specifically, the platform provides:
Smart asset and vendor discovery. iRisk auto discovers your company's global digital assets and related ICT vendors by innovative back end discovery algorithms. 
Peer group and bench-marking. iRisk benchmarks vendors' cyber with their peer group comparison to support vendor selection process.   
Vendor cyber risk management workflow. To allow enterprise and vendors to coordinate cyber risk. 
Risk aggregation analysis. iRisk can analyze the risk aggregation of the entire supply chain.