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Enable trust in the digital interconnected world

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We were asked quite a few times why we decided to quit our well paid corporate jobs and dive headfirst into the startup world. To be honest, if we had really known how hard and challenging the journey we so eagerly signed up for would be, we probably wouldn't have even dared to quit our jobs on Day One. So, it is important for each of us to revisit why we had first started this journey time and time again, especially on sleepless nights, when we stare up at the ceiling and wonder--What am I doing?

If our world is more interconnected, it will be a better world for everyone. However, as organizations today speed up digital transformation and build their services upon each other, they increasingly fear the ever-looming threat of cyber attacks.

The sad fact is that malicious attackers appear to have the upper hand. Compared to their victims, they have better tools, better collaborations, and even better economic models! To change this, we must build simple-to-use automated defensive platforms, and make them accessible to all organizations, whether that be big enterprises or small businesses. We need to aggregate and organize cybersecurity knowledge, extract insights, and share them with all defenders--security engineers, developers, and many more. Democratizing defensive cyber technologies and solutions is essential towards beating cyber attackers at--what currently appears to be--their own game.

It is at this point that some may wonder--Why Now?

Today, Cloud/SaaS fundamentally changes how the modern enterprise information system works, and therefore significantly impacts how cyber attack/defense scenarios play out. Plenty of opportunities for newcomers are emerging as traditional corporate IT perimeters are vanishing. What's more, the Cloud/SaaS model gives startups unprecedented computation powers to build and deploy scale-up solutions for millions of people. And so, now--now is the perfect time to start changing the cybersecurity industry.

Our dream is to enable and strengthen the trust of the digital interconnected world. If you share this simple, hopeful, idealistic dream, please consider joining our journey!

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