C2SEC iRisk for

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

C2SEC iRisk platform enables enterprise security teams to continuously assess and thus effectively control the organization's cyber risks and liabilities via solid understandings of the organization's IT assets, the associated cyber risks, and the quantification of potential losses from cyber incidents in financial terms. 

Customer Pain Points

Cyber risk has become a business risk that can impact companies's financial bottomline. For every CSO/CISO/CFO who wants to control cyber risk, there are several pain points.

First, what is the scope of cyber risk management? Enterprise IT infrastructure is complex, dynamic and many across many GEO regions. There are so many moving factors that security team needs to continuously assess and monitor.


What's more, for CSO/CFO there is lack of hard evidence making the right investment decision for controlling cyber risks. How to prioritize various work items competing time and budget with each other? What's is ROI of a particular investment to improve security?  

Our Solution

iRisk enables continuous monitoring, assessment and bench-marking of cyber risks for the entire organization's digital assets, its supply chains, and its employee's behavior. The cyber risks are assessed via a non-intrusive, fully automated approach. No software is required to be installed. 

More over, the cyber risk assessment includes a quantitative risk prediction of the likelihood and loss of cyber risk incidents based on proprietary precision risk models powered by big data and AI. 

iRisk also provides benchmark analysis so that enterprise customers can understand how their cyber risk posture compared with its peer group.