C2SEC iRisk for

Cyber Insurance

C2SEC iRisk platform enables cyber insurance carriers and brokers to continuously assess and thus effectively control the insureds' cyber risks and liabilities via solid understandings of the organization's digital assets, the associated cyber risks, and the quantification of potential losses from cyber incidents in financial terms. 

Customer Pain Points

As cyber risk has become a business risk that can impact companies's financial bottom line, cyber insurance has the potential to be one of the biggest re/insurance opportunities of the future. However, there are huge challenges in the current cyber insurance ecosystem due to lack of data, tools, analytics, risk models and etc.

Carriers and brokers need automated services to compensate traditional approaches such as questionnaire and manual penetration testing to continuously assess and monitor insureds' cyber risks, in every stage of the cyber insurance life.

Our Solution

iRisk enables continuous monitoring, assessment and bench-marking of cyber risks for insureds' digital assets, supply chains, and employee's behavior. Specifically, the platform supports carriers and brokers by:

Pre-sale and underwriting. The non-intrusive, fully automated approach allows fast assessments of potential customers and facilitate insurance sale process.

Loss control. Continuous monitoring and alert service allows carriers and brokers to keep engaging with insureds and provide effective loss control of cyber risk.

Risk aggregation. Aggregation risk analysis of the entire portfolio helps carriers understand if there is potential systematic risk.